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Those who have been lucky enough to visit Ireland say it is a small paradise with over 40 different shades of green . Fairytale landscapes and endless prairies are naturally obvious to visitors. Located on the western edge of Europe, waiting with open arms to welcome whoever visits.
Ireland offers many options: visiting its modern cities, dive into the countryside or relax on one of the beaches you will find along the east coast . Ireland is a small island with major cities such as Dublin, Belfast , Cork and Galway.  With beautiful villages almost frozen in time that provide charming hospitality which can especially be seen in its lively pubs, an excellent social meeting point.
Some of the must see places is the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin where you can discover how they produce this legendary black beer. The Kilmainham Gaol, one of the largest unoccupied gaols in Europe, covering some of the most heroic and tragic events in Ireland’s emergence as a modern nation from 1780s to the 1920s. It is a former prison, located in Kilmainham in Dublin, which is now a museum. The famous Ring of Kerry or the Giants Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher just to mention a few.
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Ireland, you must visit and live the experience.
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