10 Things to do in Benidorm

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Talking about Benidorm is easy and reviewing this destination is very common.  Now do this based on life experiences…. It is a must for many reasons:

Benidorm is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.  In fact it is the largest beach destination in Spain.  It is open all year round and certainly has its peak during the months or July and August.  In summer, Benidorm caters for all kinds of travelers, tastes and activities that may have been on your wish list for some time.  There is so much to do in Benidorm that we are going to recommend our Top 10 things to do.  Without a doubt you should add these to your schedule during your trip to Benidorm:
1. Spend a day at Aqualandia and Mundomar, two of the most popular Benidorm theme parks.

2. Stroll through the Old Town; the evening is the best time but at lunch it’s not a bad choice for a refreshing beer.

3. Take a boat trip to Benidorm Island; this is a protected area of the Serra Gelada Natural Park.  It is a great spot for diving or just to see Benidorm from the sea.

4. Try the Benidorm cable ski, wakeboarding, water skiing or kite surfing for all ages in the heart of Playa de Levante.

5. Take in the Benidorm skyline from the spectacular panoramic terrace of the Hotel Bali, a unique experience but not suitable for those who have vertigo!

6. Stroll along the beach of Levante and Poniente.

7. Go diving at Cala del Tio Ximo, a natural area away from busy beaches. A real divers paradise.

8. Eat a well cooked rice dish…. For fantastic restaurants, is there anywhere better on earth?

9. Catch a show at Benidorm Palace, one of the most common party venues in the area.

10. Take a hiking trail through the Natural Park of Serra Gelada.

Those are 10 things you must do when heading to Benidorm.  They fit perfectly with a holiday during the summer months. 10 things that are sure to delight and surprise you more than once……

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